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3 measures for protecting your final wishes from contestation

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Estate Planning - Estate Administration & Probate

Your last will and testament is your final speech, the place where you lay out your wishes. It is the means by which you divide your earthly assets and set in place measures to protect your loved ones’ future.

According to CNBC, more people began realizing this and putting their affairs in order. As you already have yours settled, you may feel secure. However, there may be those who want to overturn your will and go against your desires. There are steps you can take to help defend against individuals you suspect may contest your will.

1. Specifically disinherit them

While you may want to leave nothing to some people, this opens the door for them to claim that you simply forgot to include them. If you believe they may be unhappy with the contents of your will and try to fight it, include provisions in your will to specifically disinherit them to prevent this argument.

2. Write a letter explaining your intent

A common argument is that the person whose will is in dispute was not mentally competent. Clearly explaining every choice you made in your own handwriting in a logical manner helps combat this.

3. Record yourself discussing your will

Opponents of your will may also try to claim someone coerced you. Recording yourself signing the will with trustworthy and unbiased witnesses can help refute this. You can also record yourself explaining the contents of your will.

There may be people who want to invalidate your will. By taking certain measures, you can help protect your final wishes and your loved ones.