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Prenups Insure Against An Unwanted And Unforeseen Event

Prenuptial agreements are not about a lack of trust in a relationship. Think of it like any other insurance; they protect you against events that you can’t predict. A prenuptial agreement allows each spouse to maintain control over their own assets regardless of what happens in the future.

In the absence of such an agreement, Maryland law provides certain protections and rights for spouses upon divorce or death. For example, in the event of a divorce, your spouse may be entitled to receive alimony payments, a portion of your retirement accounts or other assets.

We Handle Your Needs With Care

At Ally Legal Planning, we understand how difficult it can be to approach the subject of a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé let alone dig into the details. We take the time to really listen to our clients’ concerns to ensure the prenuptial agreement captures and protects what matters most to them. Let us take care of making sure your prenuptial agreement has all the legal requirements necessary to be enforceable in court. Then you can focus on what matters most: the growth of your love and your marriage.

Unlike most family lawyers, we offer prenuptial agreements for a flat fee for most of our clients. Schedule your free consultation today. You can call us at 410-826-1183 or get in touch via email.