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What traits make someone a good executor?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Estate Planning - Estate Administration & Probate

When estate planning, choosing a person you know will fulfill your final wishes and safely give your assets to the proper beneficiaries is important. This process could initially seem overwhelming since you may not know what traits to look for.

After talking to friends and relatives, keeping these positive traits in mind can help you tell whether or not someone is ready to be an executor.

Willingness to handle conflict

According to the AARP, executors may need to navigate legal documents and provide them to the court on time, as well as have emotional discussions with beneficiaries about heirlooms. If your executor is not willing to talk plainly and handle issues with compassion, then they may not work well in this role.

Angry relatives who could try to take items that are not legally theirs right after a death are a common occurrence. Someone who can stay calm and discuss matters in a respectful way makes this situation less stressful.

Willingness to be impartial

Not only does this person have to handle filing paperwork and paying any remaining bills out of your estate, but they also need to stay impartial when dealing with family members. You should avoid naming someone who is in a position to favor some members of the family more than others.

Since the executor handles important assets and money, a conflict of interest can cause high tensions. When you choose an executor, thinking seriously about their skills and personality can help you decide what steps to take and who is best suited for this role.